Watering Your Garden

Tweed Landscapes in Berwick upon Tweed - Watering

Target your watering Make the most of your supply all year round by mulching beds, fitting automatic irrigation systems and water butts and by targeting your watering. Water-saving tips Patios Add water-retaining gel to compost in containers – or buy compost with granules already included – this is particularly effective in hanging baskets. Choose hanging…

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Keeping Pots and Containers

Patio Potted Pots Containers Plant Flowers Garden

Plants for containers Many flowering and foliage shrubs including hollies, Japanese maples and camellias will thrive in containers with a little care and will be a focal point in your garden. So whatever the size of your plot, you can include a shrub in a tub. Growing shrubs in containers is also a good opportunity…

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How Do I Grow Strawberries?

Growing Strawberries - Tweed Landscapes Gardening Services in Berwick upon Tweed

About strawberries Strawberries can be grown in a wide range of soils, from light sand to heavy clay. However, waterlogging will cause the fruits to become diseased and the plant to rot. The ideal soil is well-drained and rich in humus. They prefer to be planted in full sun, out of the wind. Plants can…

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Why Prune Roses?

Pruning Roses - Tweed Landscapes Berwick upon Tweed

The aim is to improve flowering, to maintain an attractive shape and to keep plants healthy. But mention pruning roses and many people come up in a cold sweat, considering it to be difficult and complicated. This is largely because there are many different types of rose, some which need pruning in the spring and…

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Looking After Your New Fence/Shed/Decking

Fencing in Berwick upon Tweed - Tweed Landscapes

Garden Fence Preservation and Protection The wood we use tends to be pressure treated or pre-treated with a wood preserver before leaving the merchant. This said, there’s never any harm in applying an additional wood preserver before installation for additional protection. A good quality Wood preservative will protect the fence from a range of biological…

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Looking After Turf

Turf - Looking after turf - Tweed Landscapes Gardening Services

General Watering your new turf is the single most important step you need to take to ensure a beautiful and long lasting lawn. Water is essential to the growth of all turf because it carries nutrients to the roots. It is important in the growth of leaves, it causes the leaves to be soft and pliable,…

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